Jeremy Jones Sculpture

As humans we are trapped with a looming concept of the unknown. The delicate and transient nature of existence permeates our experience. The corporeal and fragile human form exemplifies the ephemeral nature of life. I sense my physical self and those around me as evolving, yet decaying beings. Like the transformative process associated with a cocoon, our bodies reflect an ever developing entity. Despite our acuity or apathy, time quietly passes as we traverse through life waiting for a turn to see what is on the "other side".
Life is a process whereby each moment transforms the individual physically and mentally. Our inner being or conscious is intangible whereas the outer "skin" projects the physical transformation of an individual. The body serves as a protective shell connected to the conscious, but dually resides as a social receptacle displaying the conscious of its society; we can't be selves unless there are others.
While the biological body is an unfinished product until its demise, I question the survival of consciousness. How can something that is not visible disappear? Perhaps our existence survives in the embodied physiological and psychological behavior of others. Maybe the "other side" is the here and now.